Friendship Park is a hub for cultural and entertainment events in Gyumri. One of the main events hosted at the park is the music festival, which brings together famous and budding musical groups in Armenia, playing in various genres such as rock, folk-rock, folk, and jazz. The festival aims to showcase a cross-section of contemporary music, attract bands from all over the country to Gyumri, and unite the two capitals of Armenian rock: Gyumri and Vanadzor. The festival is held throughout the city with events in various venues, cafes, and event halls, and most importantly, revives the tradition of concerts in “dalan” courtyards. The park serves as the central platform with the largest events and biggest artists.

Aside from the music festival, Friendship Park also hosts a cultural and entertainment event called Showcase. This event provides a democratic platform for the performance and self-expression of young artists from Gyumri and neighboring cities. Beginning performers and groups can perform or rehearse on the open stage of the park. Showcase is held once a season and offers a permanent opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent.

The park also offers a course for those interested in improving their motor and coordination skills, as well as developing imaginative thinking. The course establishes a relationship between the mind and the body, incorporating bodily perception of sculpture, working with breathing, attention and presence, and visual language and gestures that combine elements of performance and dance. Participants in this course will gain a better understanding of themselves and their bodies while getting involved in the art of movement and expression.

Reviving festival traditions

In addition to the music festival, cultural events, and courses, Friendship Park hosts a variety of artistic events throughout the year. These include the Theater Festival, Visual Poetry evening, film screenings, night bike rides, and a charity marathon. These events unite the city, stimulate young people's creative mobility, create motivation for theatrical risk and experimentation, establish creative contacts, and activate local tourism, thus stimulating the inflow of investments into the city.


Historic stage o...



In early autumn, the renovated Historical Stage will be opened. In honor of this long-awaited event, a major holiday will be held in our Park, which w…