The organizers are happy to invite not only experienced professionals, but also young architects and firms to participate

Each participant must develop and submit projects in all three categories

Registration as a legal entity/individual entrepreneur is required only at the final stage (for winners) of the competition - to conclude a contract and receive remuneration. You can participate in the first stage of selection as an individual, in a team or in a consortium with other architects or bureaus

Of course, you can! Just include in the portfolio the most relevant projects, as well as any of your projects that you think need to be reflected. Do not forget to reveal your ideas for a future project in the video

As part of the first stage, each participant must fill out an application form in his personal account on the competition website, which includes a questionnaire that provides information about the participant, experience in the design and implementation of architectural objects, as well as a video where the participant should tell about his approaches to the development of a future project (first thoughts)

No, it's not necessary. But if you have any, you can input this information in the Application form

In order for the application to be accepted for consideration, you must fill out a form, including submitting a video. You can fill them out gradually until the end of the acceptance of applications. We remind you that the deadline for submission of applications is 23.59 (+4 GTM) on July 29, 2020. The uploaded files will be stored in the participant's personal account and, if desired, can also be replaced until the end of the acceptance of bids. We recommend filling out the application in advance, as partially completed applications will not be considered

The official languages of the competition are English and Russian. You can submit your materials on any of those

Video presentation is an obligatory part of the first stage of the competition. For the video, you can use any visual materials: video message, graphic materials, video materials, 3D video, etc. Video presentation can be submitted in Russian or English, adding subtitles is optional

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