About the competition

Focus of the competition

Focus of the competition is the development of design elements of the recreational infrastructure of the Gyumri Friendship Park in line with requirements of the Terms of Reference of the competition. The concept should include architecture and planning elements and solutions for multifunctional and all-weather exploitation of facilities based on the already development draft design of the park, which will be presented in the Terms of Reference.

Purpose of the competition

The competition is aimed at selecting the best architectural and planning solutions reflecting the city’s identity and conveying the idea of international collaboration. The design of the recreational infrastructure elements will help talented architects from across the globe to co-create the modern public venue and diversify the territory of the city.

Key facts and figures



1.5 km

from city centre

7.2 hectares

the area of the park

35 740

tourists visited Gyumri in 2018

8th century B.C.

The first settlement in the territory of the city

19th century

The Holy Mother of God Church

Participation in the competition

The organisers are delighted to invite not only experienced architects but also a young architecture agency that will have the opportunity to realise bright and ambitious projects.

The competition will be held in 2 rounds. In the first round, each participant should fill in the application form including a questionnaire, and a video presenting information about the participant, his/her experience in architecture and design. The application process will open on July 1 – July 29, 2020.

As a result of the first round, the jury will shortlist 20 participants who will get the Terms of Reference for the development of the infrastructure elements of the recreational area. During the second round, the participants will be tasked to develop original proposals of infrastructure elements of the recreational area of Gyumri Friendship Park, based on the Terms of Reference.

Following the second round, the jury will select finalists of the competition in three nominations. They will get the opportunity to realise their projects in the new public venue in Gyumri.

Principles of the project

The project should be implemented in line with 5 key principles of the park. Each of them should be reflected in the proposals of the participants:





Durability and production effectiveness

Eligibility Criteria for the Competition Participants


Any individual entrepreneur or legal entity is eligible for the Competition if:
— it is properly established and is operating in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia or any other state;
— it has the legal capacity to carry out entrepreneurial activities and participate in the Competition;
— it does not have the bankruptcy indicators and is not in a liquidation state according to the applicable law.


Any competent individual who is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia or any other state can be a participant of the Competition if he/she registers himself/herself as an individual entrepreneur by the moment of finalisation of the Competition results.


Participation in the Competition is also possible as part of a consortium of Participants. All the Participants of the consortium should meet the requirements set in the Competition Rules. provisions of the Competition Rules. Enlarging or reducing the consortium is only allowed by the deadline for submission of the Applications for the Competition.


It is not allowed to participate in the Competition simultaneously as an individual and as part of a consortium.


The Participant can send only one Application for participation in the Competition. The same rule also applies to a consortium of Participants.


Alexandra Sytnikova Russia CEO ATLAS, Skolkovo Foundation International Urban Planning Council and Orenburg Architectural and Urban Planning Council member
Andrey Ivanov Russia Architect, urbanist, researcher
Emma Baghdasaryan Armenia Aide to the Head of Shirak Administration
Fedor Rashchevskiy Russia Architect, OFFCON architectural bureau partner. Course director of «Commercial interiors Design» in BHSAD (British High School of Art and Design). Member of The Council of Experts in Interior Design and Architectural Environment (CEID).
Francesco Garofalo The Netherlands, Italy Founding partner of Openfabric, a Rotterdam and Milan based office of landscape architecture. Francesco is adjunct professor of urbanism in Politecnico di Milano.
Nune Petrosyan Armenia Deputy Chair for the Urban Development Committee of Armenia, Сandidate of Architecture, Associate professor
Udo Hubert Dagenbach Germany Landscape architect and designer, co-founder of the bureau «Glaßer und Dagenbach GBR»
Yelena Abovyan Armenia Chief Operations Officer of Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation


$ 3 500 Winner: “Urban Furniture”

Nomination: Best Park Bench Design

$ 3 500 Winner: “Standard Architectural Elements”

Nomination: Best Marketplace Pavilion Design

$ 3 500 Winner: “Landmark Architectural Element”

Nomination: Best Gardening School Pavilion Design

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